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The Seven Aspects of Wellness

Here at Living Well Connections we understand that our overall health and wellness consists of much more than eating right and exercising. Gaining balance in all aspects of our lives contributes to our overall well-being both as a person and as a community. Through becoming aware of healthy choices and making progress by our daily actions we develop healthy habits which move us toward a more balanced and fulfilled life.  We do this by addressing all aspects of wellness.

The Seven Aspects of Wellness

• Exercise and Fitness:

exercise and fitnessBy participating in an active lifestyle that includes daily movement and exercise we are able to reduce stress and improve our mood and energy. A successful exercise plan that we can maintain helps us moderate our weight, our blood pressure and helps to keep our cholesterol levels within a healthy range. Developing a plan that meets our individual needs keeps us strong, flexible, balanced and happy. Physical activity must also be balanced with restorative relaxation and sleep.

• Nutrition and Diet:

nutrition and diet
Drinking my delicious Nutrimeal Smoothie for USANA’s Challenge.

Proper nutrition is key to providing our cells the ingredients they need for healing and maintaining a healthy body. Developing healthy eating habits and avoiding processed foods is important for us all, no matter which dietary guidelines we follow. Paying attention to our own metabolism and to specific food sensitivities can play a huge part in our food choices. As even the healthiest foods no longer contain the micronutrients needed for optimal health, dietary supplements provide needed support.

• Emotional Health:

emotional healthImproving our emotional health includes developing the ability to understand our own feelings, accept limitations, achieve emotional stability, and become comfortable with our emotions. Breathing techniques, meditation, progressive muscle relaxation, guided imagery, and other therapies can be used to reduce stress and support a healthy mind/body balance.

• Social Health:

family-on-beachBuilding a community of support through relating well to friends, family and co-workers while sharing positive solutions develops strong, healthy connections that benefit everyone’s health.

• Environmental Health:

environmental healthOur surrounding environment affects our health both physically and emotionally. Reducing exposure to toxins in our homes, workplaces, and the world that surrounds us makes a positive impact on our overall health. Improvements in your personal environment includes creating an oasis of healing in your own home where you are able to relax and restore your energy.

• Financial Health:

financial healthFinancial stress frequently leads to illness. Being aware of our work/life balance, financial goals, and personal growth supports optimal health.

• Spiritual Health:

spiritual healthSpiritual Health is a deep feeling that life is meaningful and has a purpose larger than ourselves. The ethics, values and morals that guide us and give meaning and direction to life offer positive effects on health and well-being.

Live Well!


With gratitude to Abbott Solutions, Inc for permission to use concepts of 7 Dimensions of Wellness as seen at

7 Dimensions of Wellness

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