Be Healthy 28 Day Program

Be Healthy 2017

Twenty-eight days can change everything! Are your ready to change your life in 2017?

It’s all about you getting on a path of change! Discover the power of taking control of your own health. Nourish your body with the finest nutrition from USANA Health Sciences:  CellSentials vital micronutrients with cell-signaling technology and MySMART shakes.  Learn how to incorporate delicious whole foods into your daily meals.  Get tips on moving your body, and reducing your stress.

Our 28- day program creates a supportive environment where change can flourish. Success will come as you work hard on yourself and focus on those areas of personal growth that need the most improvement. Is it discipline you need? Is it a greater focus in certain areas, or maybe its accountability? Whatever your needs are…. we are here to encourage you with enthusiasm and direction.

Join us on this journey to make 2017 the best year ever, in health and prosperity.

By participating in the BE Healthy 28 Day program, you will receive group coaching and support, including:

• Motivation
• Information
• Questions answered
• Support
• Encouragement
• Celebration for your wins

Learn more about the Be Healthy 2017 program at or contact me for more details.

Live Well!