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10 Healthy Tips for Eating Out


Some of us eat out only once a week or less.  Others make eating out a daily occurrence.  Everyone loves to eat out at restaurants for special occasions. Whether you rarely eat out or regularly eat restaurant meals, when you are trying to be healthy, become empowered by taking responsibility for your food choices with these healthy tips for eating out.

10 Healthy Tips for Eating Out

  1. If you eat bread, have it WITH your meal, not before it.  You will be less likely to fill up on empty calories.
  2.  Avoid rice or pasta based meals- instead choose brown rice or whole wheat pasta for side dishes. Tomato based sauces are healthier than cream based.
  3. Ask for grilled fish or vegetables using little butter or oilgrilled fish
  4. All meats need to be grilled, broiled, roasted or baked without added fat
  5. Salad with Dressing On The Side!  Balsamic vinaigrette or vinegar and oil are the healthiest dressings.  Dip your fork in your dressing First and then go to salad.healthy salad
  6. Order a la carte instead of the full plate dish.
  7. Order main dishes without sauces- always order on the side, and dip the fork into the sauce FIRST and then take a bite of the main course.
  8. Soups may have a lot of sodium, but go for tomato or vegetable based instead of cream based soupsvegetable soup
  9. Dessert should be low-fat or fresh berries and fruit.  If you do indulge, spit the dessert with a friend, be sure to have eaten a healthy entree, and don’t beat yourself up if you CHOOSE decadence.fruit dessert
  10. You DON’T have to eat it all! Really! You can choose to take some home, no “clean plate club” necessary!

Live Well!