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Children’s Hunger Fund and Relief from Pain

Last Saturday I jogged in the Children’s Hunger Fund Run/Walk in Salt Lake City while at  USANA’s International  Convention. The day started just before dawn, filled with the excitement of thousands of people running through the streets of Salt Lake City, raising $125,000 for children in need all around the world.


Here are some pictures of me  with friends who shared this special day:


Unfortunately all that jogging on the asphalt did a number on my knee. I felt great throughout the run, but by the end of the day, I was limping pretty badly… earlier this year, I had injured my knee in a fall, and by pounding the pavement I had only worsened the damage.

Curcumin for Pain Relief

A friend offered some ibuprofen to relieve the pain and inflammation, but I had just heard about an improved version of curcumin (turmeric) that had been incorporated into one of USANA’s products, Procosa.

Curcumin, a spice related to ginger, has been used therapeutically for many years due to it’s anti- inflammatory properties.   But those who rush out to the market or health food store to buy curcumin capsules and ditch their ibuprofen might be initially disappointed. At fault would not be the substance itself but its modest absorption by the body. Just as certain medicines are given intravenously rather than orally, the standardized curcumin extracts found in most dietary supplements don’t fare so well in the human stomach―only a small percentage is absorbed into the bloodstream!

A laboratory in Italy has developed a  curcumin-phosphatidylcholine phytosome complex that they call Meriva® which has been shown in clinical studies to decreased joint pain and improve joint function in osteoarthritis (OA) patients.  (1,2)  These Italian scientists (at Indena S.p.A.) have successfully gotten curcumin past the gut barrier by attaching it to another more easily absorbed, natural molecule, called phosphatidyl choline, creating what they call a “phytosome.”   A clinical study published April 2011 in Journal of Natural Products by John Cuomo, et al at USANA Health Sciences demonstrates that Meriva® has a 30X improved bio-availability over more traditional forms of curcumin.  (3)

USANA Health Sciences recently incorporated Meriva® into their vegetarian glucosamine product, Procosa, in order to provide more immediate benefits of pain relief while supporting overall joint health.   Procosa includes glucosamine at doses clinically shown to help maintain healthy cartilage and joints, and also includes Vitamin C, manganese, and silicon for additional nutrition essential for joint health*

Did it work for me?  Although still a bit stiff, I am no longer in pain as long as I continue taking Procosa throughout my recovery.  Shoot- as active as I am, I believe I will start making Procosa a daily habit in order to protect my knees and my back from future injury.

Live Well!



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