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50 Things That Bring Me Joy


These bring  me joy
A few of the things that bring me joy!

In no particular order (honestly!) :

  1. Brilliant sunsets
  2. Walk in the woods
  3. Discovering a new flower blooming in my garden
  4. Camping in the mountains
  5. Sitting by the fireplace cozy with my sweetie
  6. Helping someone to better health
  7. Finishing a project well done
  8. Mountain views
  9. Designing a new quilt
  10. My fabric stash
  11. My comfortable home
  12. Cleaning my closet
  13. Clearing my desktop
  14. Digging in my garden
  15. Planting my garden
  16. Weeding my garden
  17. Nature photography
  18. Smiles
  19. A cup of hot chocolate Nutrimeal
  20. Going barefoot at the beach
  21. attending USANA events
  22. Making new friends
  23. Monday mornings
  24. Date night with my sweetie
  25. Learning about nutrition and health
  26. Traveling to new places-it’s an adventure!
  27. Dancing
  28. Discovering new healthy foods
  29. Waking up to bird songs out my window- no alarm clock!
  30. My son’s laughter
  31. My husband’s smile
  32. Snow on the mountains
  33. Yoga class
  34. Getting stronger
  35. My daughter-in-law’s humor
  36. My oldest son’s kindness
  37. A freshly made bed
  38. Trees
  39. A cat’s purr
  40. The unconditional love of a dog
  41. Having a fun conversation with a stranger
  42. Training a new business partner
  43. Watching that business partner SHINE!
  44. Water skiing
  45. Sailing
  46. Reading a good book
  47. Snuggling in bed with my husband
  48. A cool drink of water
  49. playing under a waterfall
  50. Kisses- short and sweet or long and sensual.