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Julie Alexander

Julie Alexander
Julie E. Alexander, MSN, RN, FNP-BC | Self-Care Mastery Coach |Founder Core Health Partners, PLLC


Julie Alexander is a Self-Care Mastery Coach who helps people take charge of their well-being so that they can create their best lives and make the difference they want to make. Her weekly “Healthy to the Core” e-newsletter provides wellness information and resources to support self-care mastery to subscribers across the U.S. If you are ready to be in the driver’s seat of your well-being, you can sign up for a FREE subscription at CoreHealthPartners.com

Articles by Julie Alexander include:

Ten Self-Care Strategies to Soothe Your Stress

Dr. Avery Garrabrant and Dr. Shannon Bigbie

Ignite Wellness
Dr. Garrabrant and Dr. Bigbie

Ignite Wellness Chiropractic Center is on a mission to restore the full function of your nervous system, in order to allow you to express optimal health and functionality. By optimizing the nervous system, your body is able to express health and operate at peak performance. We reach this goal through specific chiropractic adjustments, individualized nutrition, and lifestyle modifications.

The body is designed to be self-healing and self-regulating. Your body already has everything it needs to be healthy; it just needs no interference.   Our approach is different in that we are not looking to add or remove anything from your body, however, our aim is to work WITH your body! True health comes from the inside out!

Visit their website at www.ignitechapelhill.com

Articles Include:

Chiropractic Care for Heart Health

Lou Umscheid

Lou Umscheid
Ms. Lou Umscheid, Colon Hydrotherapist | Owner of Colon Health Center in Chapel Hill, NC

Ms. Lou Umscheid,  colon hydrotherapist, completed the Colon Hydrotherapy course in 2002 at the Cayce/Reilly School of Massotherapy in Virginia Beach, VA. This practical, hands-on training was followed with additional study of anatomy, physiology, and holistic nutrition.

Learn more about how to gain and maintain your digestive health at www.yourhealthycolon.com  Colon Health Center at 919-960-9580

Articles by Lou Umscheid include:

Top 10 Tips for Your Digestive Health

Heather Murphy

Heather Murphy, Nia Instructor
Heather Murphy

Nia classes are uniquely enhanced by her background as a ballet, jazz and modern dancer, her study of Pilates, and her career teaching international students. In 2010 she combined her love of dance and cultures and helped open World In Motion dance studio where she taught tribal bellydance and performed with the troupe, Dayanisma. After having her first child, Heather began practicing Nia and found much-needed release from the physically demanding role of motherhood and greater emotional stability to deal with daily stress. In July 2013, she traded in her bellydance hip scarf for a Nia white belt. Currently Heather teaches Monday and Wednesday morning classes in Chapel Hill and substitute teaches around the Triangle.

For more information about Nia and Heather’s classes, please email hewmurph@gmail.com or see her Facebook page, CommunNia:https://www.facebook.com/NiaWithHeather

Articles by Heather Murphy include:

What is Nia?

Andrew Lukonis

Andrew Lukonis
Andrew Lukonis

In the spring of 2015, Andrew Lukonis founded EFT Science, a private EFT practice with the continuing mission to spread the word about the benefits of tapping and to administer healing directly with clients.  Because of his life experiences as a healthcare professional, molecular biologist, corporate affiliate, entrepreneur, and energy healer, along with his natural talents as an artist, musician, writer, and public speaker, he has been termed “the perfect bridge” to connect with folks from nearly all walks of life.

You can read more about Andrew and Emotional Freedom Techniques on his website: eftscience.com

Articles by Andrew Lukonis include:

Letting Go with EFT

Shannon Jenke

Shannon M. JenkeShannon is a Financial Advisor with Baird, an employee owned, independent firm founded in 1919 and based out of Milwaukee. She has a genuine passion for creating great outcomes in clients’ lives and a deep desire to help them achieve the things they want for themselves and the people they care about. Shannon works with clients in all walks of life, and especially enjoys helping other females develop and meet their financial goals. Shannon’s team has a combined experience of over 70 years in the financial industry. She and her husband live in Raleigh with their two boys, and she enjoys time with family, reading and exercise.

You can reach Shannon at sjenke@rwbaird.com 919-789-5985

Articles by Shannon include:

Planning for Financial Security

Kim Saffran

Kim Saffran

Kim has been an educator and coach for over 16 years – and an athlete for many more. “My decision to retire from the public school system came pretty easily” and while she loved teaching, it was time to design a new life plan where she could still teach and assist others in empowering themselves to live a healthier and happier life.  “I feel I’ve begun to accomplish this – I had simply decided to do it through unconventional methods – such as PLAY!”
Classes are fun, non-competitive and with an emphasis on a skill-set that supports not only recreational activities but also daily living skills, such as grip strength, coordination and balance as well as flexibility, muscular strength and cardiovascular endurance.  “The best part is that you’re active, but having FUN!”

For details on Return2Recess, please feel free to reach out to Kim at: kim@return2recess.com or visit: www.return2recess.com for more info.

Articles by Kim include:

Return to Recess: Play Shouldn’t End at Childhood

Families Playing Together

Celeste Toombes, RN, MSN

Celeste Toombs, RC MSNCeleste is known as ‘The Bucket List Lady’ and is committed to helping families demystify End Of Life (EOL) Pre-Planning with an educational approach relevant to all generations. As a Nurse, I have experience working with families from ‘womb to tomb’ and teaching Nursing Students of all levels. Stay tuned for news of upcoming workshops in the Raleigh/Durham area.

Follow me on Twitter: @bktlistlady
E-mail: bktlistlady@yahoo.com
Website: coming soon

Articles by Celeste include:

National Healthcare Decision Day

Will Van Hook

Will Van HookWill VanHook is a bookkeeper and small business advisor with CFO – Health, a Morrisville, NC based accounting practice with a mission to help wellness centers owners and integrative wellness practitioners succeed and thrive in their businesses, using the Profit First plan. As a Profit First Professional, he provides the information and insights to help practitioners to increase the health and profitability of centers or practices in a sustainable fashion.  For more information, or to schedule Will for a presentation for your small business group or association, contact him at (919) 397-3157 or email will@coopoutcomes.com.

Articles by Will include:

Taxes are Done, Now What?

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