Create A Peaceful Holiday

November is here, and the holiday season has begun.  Cards, notes, and facebook are filled with messages for a peaceful holiday. But for too many people the holidays equate to stress. Many people are overscheduled, overcommitted, and overtired. Tiredness leads to cravings and giving in to cravings brings on those junk food moods. All of this can be avoided, though, with just a couple of easy tweaks.

5 Ways To Create A Peaceful Holiday Season

Peaceful Holiday

  1. Plan Your Day + Plan Your Week I am such a believer in taking 10 minutes on Sunday to plan your week and 5 minutes each morning to plan your day. It’s something that is so easy to do, doesn’t take very long, and yields big results (especially the more you do it). Schedule everything from your kids’ parties at school to your workouts. Make these meetings with yourself non-negotiable – just as a work meeting would be. Filling in your calendar with things that are most important to you first, means other things that are less important, won’t take up space.
  2. Carve Out Time For Self-Care Schedule time for yourself to decompress, reenergize, workout, etc. Making time for you ensures that your cup stays full and you’re more easily able to handle stress, busyness, and your immune system will stay strong. When you continue self-care even when you’re busy, you are less likely to become run down and sick.
  3. Practice Setting Your Intention Early + Often Another super easy and quick thing you can do that can make a big difference in how your day goes. Wake up and set your intention for the day. How do you want it to go? How do you want to feel? What are your top 3 things you need to complete? Use this technique before attending holiday parties, too!
  4. Be Present As you set your intentions for the day, I’d also like to invite you to intend to be more present. To put your phone away at meals and events. Read a book in the carpool line instead of scrolling through social media. You’ll begin to feel more relaxed and less stimulated or stressed. Set your intention to be wherever you are right now – and enjoy all pieces of the holiday season.
  5. Join Our SexyFit Nutrition Challenge (Individual Challenges can begin on YOUR schedule!) Would you like more support and guidance around creating a more peaceful and easeful holiday season?  You’ll become a meal prepping pro, eat clean + healthy, boost your immune system, self-confidence, increase your energy, and learn specifically how to navigate dining out, travel, and parties in a SexyFit way!

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As the holiday (and busiest) season of the year approaches, I hope everyone is able to slow-down, breathe it all in, and enjoy every minute while feeling the best they’ve ever felt.

Enjoy a Peaceful Holiday!