Robin Eating Right with a bowl of fruit

Eating Right

One of the first changes most of us think about making when we want to get healthier is changing what we eat.  But what does eating healthy mean to you?

One of the most crucial steps you can take towards helping yourself and your family be successful while adjusting your diet is to create a safe environment. Simply relying on WILLPOWER generally creates temptation.  The most important place to create a safe environment is your own home.

Start with a pantry clean-out and eliminate all the troublesome foods that are calling your name. In the video, I mentioned some of the common foods to eliminate. In my case, we started with all processed foods: microwaveable, boxed, packaged meals devoid of nutrition or fiber and loaded with sodium, additive and preservatives.

Specific foods to remove: all sweets, juices, and any “trigger foods”. If you suspect grains and dairy foods are affecting your health, remove them from your home environment.

If your family is not supportive right now, create separate areas for your food and theirs. If you are a parent, stand strong in your commitment to your health and the health of your children.  My son was addicted to the very foods that made him ill. I remember his initial struggle to make dietary changes, but in the end it was completely worthwhile.  By standing firm, we changed his life significantly for the better.

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What About Supplements?

Even the healthiest of diets no longer contain all the micro-nutrients that are needed for optimal health.  The American Medical Association recommends that every adult take a multi-vitamin/mineral supplement, however, if does NOT mean that all products are created equal.

Learn how to evaluate the quality of available products on the market at How to Choose a Quality Supplement.

Eat Well, and Live Well!


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