Financial Health

Do you sometimes lie awake in bed at night or wake up early worrying about your finances?  Do you avoid looking at bank statements, credit card bills, and other financial documents? Do you feel like there’s never enough when it comes to money?

Our relationship with money profoundly affects our health. And we are not alone:

  • 46% of American workers have less than $10,000 for retirement
  • One out of every six elderly Americans is already living below the federal poverty line.
  • The average 50 yr old has less than $50,000 set aside for retirement.

Making a decision to change your mindset about money is the first step.  Kate Northrup, author of the book Money: A Love Story, says “You can’t live your life without dealing with money, so you might as well have a love affair with it.”

Take her Money Love quiz today and get customized, simple action steps you can take to help you get on the road to true wealth in your body, heart, mind, and bank immediately.

Once you are in the mindset to take action on your financial goals, be sure to partner with a trusted advisor of your choice who can help you make a plan, and then step by step, discover financial security. 

Live Well!


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