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I have spent most of my first career working in a medical research laboratory studying the role of inflammation in chronic degenerative diseases. Each day my work brought me face to face with study participants experiencing the pain and suffering of these diseases. In 2001 a crisis in my son’s health required me to stay home in order to care for him. The daily stress I was facing soon compromised my own health. I was introduced to USANA in 2004 and immediately started taking the Essentials. The first thing I noticed was that I was able to sleep through the night, waking up refreshed for the day. I was no longer suffering with stiffness in the morning, and had increased energy throughout the day.
Both my experience working with participants of clinical studies and caring for a child with multiple health challenges has given me a passion for helping others improve their own health. USANA’s vitamins use micro-nutrients to nourish our cells and fulfill our most basic cellular-biological needs.
For more information on what products may work best for you, take The Health Assessment or call me directly. I’m happy to help!
Robin Thomas


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