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Healthy Living Tips

moderate exerciseThis section of Living Well Connections will focus on healthy living tips; tips that promote a long and healthy life. These tips will show that even small changes, when added up over the years, can make an incredible difference for our overall health.

Healthy Living Tips will become a quick go-to section for our members who want ideas for healthy living. Most of us are not even aware of how simple daily actions can make or break our health. Take the first step by incorporating at least one of these health tips every day.

healthy dietThe vast majority of us are suffering one way or another from chronic inflammation. We can significantly improve our lives by decreasing inflammation and oxidative stress. Although acute inflammation is helpful during a response to tissue injury and infection, chronic inflammation quietly reduces our quality of life until we suddenly find ourselves with a diagnosis of heart disease, cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, or even depression.

Chronic inflammation can be triggered by excessive calorie consumption, elevated blood sugar levels, and oxidative stress due to our toxic environment. Here are 6 tips to reduce inflammation and oxidative stress:

1. Practice moderate (not excessive) exercise. For some people, at first this may mean a 20-minute walk. Stick to a mild exercise program in the beginning because strenuous exercise can increase oxidative stress. Our bodies adjust, and you can then up the exercise to your own personal fitness level.

toxins2. Prevent excessive stress whenever possible. While we often cannot control the stress that is happening in our lives, we can make a difference in how we react. Effective stress reducing techniques include meditation, prayer, deep breathing, yoga, and biofeedback methods.

3. Reduce environmental toxins, such as pollutants in our air, water, and food. You may not realize that many environmental toxins exist in our water, air, and food, such as pesticides, heavy metals, and PCBs. Toxins kill through oxidative stress mechanisms.

cigarette smoke4. Avoid cigarette smoke. Stopping smoking is one of the wisest healthy living tips, as cigarette smoke is a major source of toxins both for smokers and others affected by second-hand smoke.

5. Eat a healthful diet. Some foods to avoid include refined sugar and any foods which spike your blood sugar level. By eating a low-glycemic diet of whole, unprocessed foods, you can prevent a rollercoaster of blood sugars, which increases inflammation of the blood vessels.

best supplements6. Use high quality supplements. A proper supplementation program can be the most important step to regaining your health. Our exposure to environmental pollutants, stress and the fact that even the most healthy organic foods do not contain the complete nutrients we need increases our body’s requirement for micronutrients including antioxidants and minerals.

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