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Healthy Weight Loss

Is losing weight on your list of resolutions?  You are not alone. Losing weight is always one of the top New Year’s resolutions in America. There is a surge in the purchase of weight loss products, gym memberships, and even ( gasp!) diet pills.  Everyone wants to lose weight fast, but generally by the middle of January, most people have already given up.

Why do we give up so easily?

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Think about what has held you back in the past.  Those habits will always tend to creep in to your daily life if you don’t change the way you think. Do you feel like you are “too busy” to change your habits?  Do you tend to procrastinate?  Do you feel defeated even before you ever really begin?


Strong limiting beliefs hold us back.

Have you always been overweight?  Some people who are starting a weight loss program have struggled with weight their entire lives.  They are frequently slaves to their scales, their mood rising and falling according to the pounds lost or gained.  They have a hard time believing that they can actually live life off the weightloss rollercoaster.

Were you thin as a teenager and find yourself overweight now?  Other people were once quite thin, and now weigh more than is healthy.  There is a danger that these people can be stuck in a mindset of denial of where they are.  They may think they shouldn’t have to work as hard to lose the weight, and when weight loss takes longer than they think it “should” they develop a resentment that the program is not working.

Are you generally a “thin” person who just wants to lose a few pounds?  Many people are just starting to gain some weight around the middle.  They have been thin most of their lives, and can’t understand why this is happening to them.  We hear them say: ” I haven’t changed anything in my diet or exercise and I’m still gaining weight!”  Their mindset is one unwilling to make a change to a more healthy lifestyle.  They think they “know it all”.

Are you healthy and happy and just want some information? There’s an old saying: “Ya don’t know what ya don’t know”, so these people in particular need to keep an open mind to new ideas.  Any complete healthy lifestyle program  provides emotional and mental as well as physical transformation.  Often people focus only on the physical weight loss.  All aspects of a healthy lifestyle are of vital importance for true health both now and in the future.

Get Off Your Diet and Change Your Life

Break free of disempowering beliefs and habits and live a vibrant, healthy life.

What if you could learn a healthy lifestyle that has the side effect of releasing weight that you could share with your whole family? What if you had more energy and felt more positive about yourself? What if you could truly have it all?

Get support in your health journey today!

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Live Well!


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