Mindful eating

Mindful Eating Workshop

Have you ever been told just to “Exercise More and Eat Less”?

Chances are that you’ve heard and tried this advice many times. Although it makes sense and seems simple, maybe you found yourself caught between being “good”, watching calories and portion, and being “bad” eating everything in sight. Either way….this advice hasn’t worked for the long term!

Mindful Eating is much more than just paying attention and slowing down when you’re eating. It involves the entire process of eating, such as awareness of your physical and emotional cues, recognition of your non-hunger triggers for eating and using the fuel to live the full and vibrant life you crave.

In this session, you’ll learn:

1.) A powerful framework to understand the hundreds of food decisions we make every day.

2.) The three approaches to eating.

3.) How Mindful Eating can help people learn to eat what they love without rules or deprivation.

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February 15, 2017 in Durham, NC

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