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Moving Your Body

Now that we have started eating whole foods we can think about getting up and moving our bodies regularly. Moving our muscles improves circulation, which promotes oxygen delivery and the removal of toxins from our tissues. Begin as you are able and keep going! One of the first changes I see in myself when I make time to exercise is my mood. I always feel better about myself afterwards.

Walking is an excellent exercise and requires no equipment. Swimming, biking, running and using exercise machines are useful for aerobic activities.

Gentle forms of movement that provide strengthening, stretching and balance include Pilates, yoga, tai chi and qi gong.  As moving meditations these also benefit both the mind and the body.

Changing your MINDSET about exercise is probably the most important step when you want to get started.  We often think of exercise as a chore.  And we all have plenty of chores to do every day.  We are so busy taking care of others all day long that we don’t take the time to nurture ourselves.

Learn how simple changes in mindset can bring joy every day as we move our bodies and start feeling better.  Be sure to read my two articles below for specific tips:

5 Tips to Get Started With an Exercise Plan

3 Tips Make Exercise Fun

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Move Well, and Live Well!


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