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Time to Garden

Spring in North Carolina!

Time to Garden!

Spring is coming in North Carolina, even though today the cold weather blew in.  My regular garden spot stays wet for much of March.  So I have begun planting my early “greens” in an old canoe. One winter during an ice storm,  a limb from a large pine tree had punched a hole in the hull.  Over the years, we had had every intention of repairing it, but never took the necessary action.  A couple of years ago I transformed that old canoe into a kitchen garden, and I’ve been using it for that purpose ever since.

Dragging the canoe in a sunny spot within a fenced in area to protect my canoe garden from the deer, I started prepping the canoe for its new purpose.

Empty Canoe- time to garden


In order to allow for drainage, I drilled 5/8 inch holes through the bottom of the canoe. There was no turning back now- this was canoe was never going to float again!

I added some shards of  Terracotta pots over the drainage holes, in large part to clear out some of my old broken pottery as well as improve the drainage.

canoe with pottery shards: time to garden


My husband and I drove our truck to the garden center and purchased some prime topsoil, amended with organic matter and composted mushroom soil.  It took about 15 wheelbarrows of the soil to fill the canoe.

Filling the canoe with soil: time to garden


And my canoe garden was ready for planting.

Canoe garden ready to plant: time to garden

I enjoy cooking with fresh herbs and greens. Since I had been delayed by the cold weather, I decided to purchase seedlings to speed the harvest.  My favorite greens: kale, swiss chard, lettuce, and red cabbage were planted first.  I tucked a parsley plant behind the stern seat, and cilantro just in front of the same seat.   Arugula seeds were sprinkled among all the plants, and carrot and radish seeds were planted in the bow of the canoe.   Along the fence side of the canoe, I planted sugar snap peas.

Swiss Chard: time to garden
Swiss Chard and Red Sails Lettuce

parsley: time to garden

The completed canoe garden soon after planting.  I’ll keep you updated about how it grows through the season.  I can’t wait for my garden to start filling out and producing some wonderful fresh green veggies of the season!

canoe garden: time to garden
My canoe garden

Live Well, and enjoy your spring greens!


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  1. Thanks for sharing the canoe pixs! Love them! It looks great and I can’t wait to follow along as it grows!!!!

    1. Thanks, Becky. I’ll add pictures to this page as the garden develops. The peas are now starting to pop their heads above the ground- seemed to happen overnight!

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