cell-signaling technology

What is Cell-Signaling Technology?

Our bodies are a true miracle- containing trillions of cells that work in symphony with each other.  Whatever individual role each cell has, be it a heart cell or a brain cell, it depends on cell-signaling codes to optimally perform it’s own unique function.  The translation of mRNA into proteins follows different codes in the nucleus and in the mitochondrion. The nutrients we eat and the environment in which we live determine which genes are read and with what intensity.

What is cell-signaling?

All the cells that make up our body are able to detect what is going on around them. They then respond and communicate with each other using chemical signaling molecules. These chemical signals, which are proteins or other molecules produced by a sending cell, are secreted from the cell and released into the extracellular space in order to travel to neighboring cells.  Receiving cells that contain the correct molecular receptors are able to interact with the signaling molecules. When a signaling molecule binds to its receptor, it alters the shape or activity of the receptor, triggering a change inside of the cell and a specific response.

Why should we care about cell-signaling?

Our cells are constantly communicating to each other through cell-signaling to turn on and off countless important bodily functions.  These functions include influencing our gene expression, activation of our immune system, activation of nerve impulses, growth and repair of our cells.  Basically, cell-signaling runs every function in our body!

How is the food we eat considered information?

Scientists have discovered that the food we eat can also act as informational messengers to stimulate specific cell-signaling pathways. Depending on the quality and type of food, these messengers can have a positive or a negative effect.  Human cells  have evolved at a molecular level to respond positively to a diversity of plant-based phyto-chemicals and secondary plant metabolites. Thus the now common knowledge that a diet rich in fruits and vegetables is beneficial to health.

Poor dietary choices lead to misinformation:

Our bodies are not evolved to eat man made, processed foods and synthetic chemicals. Those convenient boxed meals and snack foods that are so popular are introducing chemicals your cells do not recognize as food. We are also exposed to many more environmental toxins in our daily lives. Combining poor food choices with toxins influences cell-signaling pathways that frequently set off a chain of events that lead to poor health.

What is cell-signaling technology?

By studying and thoroughly understanding the principles of cell-signaling mechanisms, USANA Health Sciences has been able to identify which plant compounds more significantly influence a certain set of cell-signaling pathways. Introducing a revolutionary Patent-Pending InCelligence Technology™ in August of 2016, USANA can design products that focus on a particular condition, system or function that is broad, providing multiple health advantages.

Click HERE to learn more about the USANA’s Patent-Pending InCelligence Technology™ 

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